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SentryPC Review: Unveiling the Power of Parental Control

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SentryPC is a comprehensive computer monitoring and control software. It offers extensive tools for both parental control and employee monitoring.

SentryPC provides in-depth activity tracking, including application and website use, keystroke logging, and screen capture features, tailored for those who want to ensure responsible use of computers at home or in the workplace.

The software grants users the ability to restrict access to unsuitable content, set time limits, and monitor usage in real-time, making it a versatile solution for managing digital behavior.

With a user-friendly interface and detailed reporting capabilities, SentryPC strikes a balance between vigilance and user privacy, appealing to parents and employers alike seeking to foster productivity and safe computing environments.

Its cloud-based operation allows for remote management, pushing it as a front-runner in the sphere of monitoring software.


Key Features of SentryPC

SentryPC’s toolkit boasts various features that enhance parental control and workplace monitoring. Discover what makes SentryPC a robust solution for managing online security and user activity.

Activity Monitoring

Stay informed with comprehensive activity tracking. SentryPC records keystrokes, applications used, and documents opened. This empowers parents and employers to stay aware of all computer activities.

  • Screenshots Capture: Automatic and on-demand screenshots for visual evidence.
  • Chat Logging: Tracks conversations from popular messaging apps.
  • Email Monitoring: Read sent and received emails to prevent inappropriate communication.

Internet Filtering

Create a safer online environment with internet usage control. Choose which websites are allowed and block harmful content effectively.

  • Website Blocking: Blacklist unwanted websites.
  • Content Filtering: Set filters to block websites by categories.
  • Search Query Logging: Keep tabs on online searches.

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Application Blocking

Limit access to applications that may be distracting or inappropriate. SentryPC allows specific programs to be blocked based on schedules or usage time.

Action Description
Block by Time: Disallow apps during certain hours.
Allowance Settings: Set daily or weekly usage limits.

Time Management

Enforce discipline with effective time management features. Control how much time users spend on the computer by setting schedules and time limits.

  1. Time Scheduling: Allocate computer access times.
  2. Daily Limits: Cap daily usage to encourage breaks.
  3. Session Limits: Limit the length of continuous use.

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Remote Access

Adjust settings or review logs from anywhere with remote management capabilities. Immediate action can be taken without needing physical access to the monitored device.

  • Real-time Monitoring: View activities as they happen.
  • Remote Configuration: Update filters and settings on-the-go.
  • Instant Alerts: Receive notifications for specific actions.

Benefits Of Using SentryPC

SentryPC offers solutions for managing and monitoring computer usage effectively. Users enjoy an array of advantages, with functionality that promises a safer and more efficient digital environment for work and home. SentryPC’s multiple benefits cater to both businesses and families.

Enhanced Productivity

Businesses strive for optimal performance. SentryPC boosts productivity by limiting non-work-related activities. Time tracking reports provide insights to maximize efficiency. Users see increased focus and better work output.

Key productivity benefits:

  • Time Management: Tracks time spent on applications and websites.
  • Activity Logs: Offers detailed reports on user activities.

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Protection From Malicious Content

Online threats pose real risks. SentryPC shields users from viruses and phishing scams. Real-time monitoring and alerts ensure threats are addressed quickly. Digital security becomes easier for all.

Security features include:

  1. Real-time activity monitoring.
  2. Automatic threat blocking.

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Preventing Access To Inappropriate Websites

The Internet is full of harmful sites. SentryPC lets you block unwanted content effortlessly. Create a safe online space with custom filters. Peace of mind comes from knowing users stay away from inappropriate material.

Filtering capabilities:

  • Website blocking.
  • Category-based filters.

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Monitoring Employee Performance

Understanding employee performance is crucial. SentryPC makes performance tracking straightforward. It provides the tools to give corrective feedback and rewards success. Building high-performing teams becomes simpler.

Performance metrics:

1. Application use analysis.
2. Website visit records.

Controlling Screen Time For Children

Children need balance in their digital lives. SentryPC aids in managing their screen time. Set boundaries and ensure kids engage in healthy activities. It’s easy to help kids develop good tech habits early on.

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Parental control features:

Function Description
Time Limits Define how long children can use the PC.
Schedules Specify device usage times.

Customer Feedback

SentryPC sparks wide-ranging reactions among users. Dive into what customers are saying about their experiences. Real user opinions provide valuable insights.

Positive Reviews

User satisfaction surfaces in multiple positive reviews for SentryPC. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Intuitive Controls: Many applaud the easy-to-navigate interface. It simplifies monitoring tasks.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Parents give a thumbs up to the extensive features that keep kids safe online.
  • Time Management: Users value the time control functions, empowering them to enforce healthy usage habits.

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Negative Reviews

Despite positives, some feedback highlights areas for improvement:

  • Technical Glitches: Occasional software hiccups disrupt user experience.
  • Expensive: The price is a little bit higher.
  • Compatibility: Limited support for certain devices frustrates some users.

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SentryPC Review: Unveiling the Power of Parental Control


SentryPC Pricing

SentryPC presents a suite of pricing plans tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. With a range of options from basic to enterprise-level packages, SentryPC ensures comprehensive monitoring and management solutions at competitive rates.

Basic Plan:

The Basic Plan serves as an entry point for users seeking efficient device management. Priced at $69.95 per year, this plan includes a single license, allowing users to oversee one device seamlessly. With the capacity to store up to 500 screenshots, users gain insight into device activity and behavior. For those requiring the management of multiple devices, additional licenses can be obtained at an affordable rate of $29.95 each per year.

Business 50:

Ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, the Business 50 plan offers a comprehensive solution for managing up to 50 devices. With 50 licenses included, businesses can effectively monitor their device ecosystem at an annual cost of $1,495.00. This plan provides storage for 500 screenshots per device, ensuring thorough surveillance of organizational activities. At an average of $29.90 per license, the Business 50 plan delivers both value and functionality for growing businesses.

Business 100:

For larger enterprises requiring expanded device management capabilities, the Business 100 plan offers an optimal solution. With 100 licenses included, businesses can oversee up to 100 devices seamlessly. Priced at $2,495.00 per year, this plan provides storage for 1,000 screenshots per device, enabling comprehensive monitoring and analysis of organizational activities. At $24.95 per license, the Business 100 plan delivers scalability and efficiency to meet the demands of evolving business environments.

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Business 250:

Catering to the needs of growing enterprises, the Business 250 plan offers extensive device management capabilities. With 250 licenses included, businesses can effectively oversee up to 250 devices, ensuring thorough monitoring of organizational operations. Priced at $4,995.00 per year, this plan provides storage for 1,000 screenshots per device, facilitating comprehensive surveillance and analysis. At $19.98 per license, the Business 250 plan offers a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to scale their monitoring infrastructure while maintaining affordability and efficiency.

Business 500:

Designed for large-scale enterprises with expansive device networks, the Business 500 plan offers robust management features to meet demanding requirements. With 500 licenses included, businesses can efficiently oversee up to 500 devices, enabling thorough monitoring of organizational activities. Priced at $7,495.00 per year, this plan provides storage for 2,000 screenshots per device, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and analysis capabilities. At $14.99 per license, the Business 500 plan delivers scalability and efficiency to address the complex monitoring needs of large enterprises.

Business 1,000:

Tailored for enterprise-level organizations with extensive device infrastructures, the Business 1,000 plan offers unparalleled management capabilities to support large-scale operations. With 1,000 licenses included, businesses can seamlessly oversee up to 1,000 devices, facilitating comprehensive monitoring of organizational activities. Priced at $9,995.00 per year, this plan provides storage for 2,000 screenshots per device, enabling detailed surveillance and analysis across the entire network. At $9.99 per license, the Business 1,000 plan offers unmatched scalability and efficiency, empowering enterprises to effectively manage their extensive device ecosystems while maximizing productivity and security.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Sentrypc Review

What Is Sentrypc And Its Uses?

SentryPC is a monitoring and control software designed for parental control and employee monitoring. It tracks activities, filters content, and sets usage limits, helping to maintain productivity and safe computing environments.

How Does Sentrypc Ensure Online Safety?

SentryPC offers robust filtering options to block harmful content and sites. It monitors user activity to alert about potential dangers, ensuring a safer online experience for families and businesses.

Does Sentrypc Allow Remote Management?

Yes, SentryPC has remote management capabilities. Users can access the software’s controls and reports from anywhere via an online account, enabling easy and flexible oversight of monitored devices.

Can Sentrypc Monitor Keystrokes?

SentryPC includes a keystroke logging feature. It records all keystrokes made on the monitored device, providing insights into user behavior and helping to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.


Navigating the vast sea of monitoring software can be daunting. SentryPC offers a lighthouse in these murky waters, blending robust controls and user-friendly design. Our exploration of its features confirms it stands out as a reliable option for both parents and employers.

With SentryPC, digital oversight is both effective and uncomplicated.

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